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Sustainable Employment

Stealth Project

This is one of the largest staffing and recruitment services provider in Asia, employing over 200,000 people every day, supporting more than 100000 businesses with access to top talent.

Career Cards


ActHub will create direct earning opportunities for over 100 million people in movie, media, art and entertainment industry in India and Asia


Coach Buddy

Coach Buddy, online-coaching platform will create direct employment opportunities for over 500,000 coaching professionals globally

Coach Buddy.png

Style Buddy

Style Buddy supports sustainable employment opportunities for over 50 million people in India and over 100 million people globally 

Style Buddy.jpg

SA Technologies

SA Tech currently employs over 3000+ IT professionals, and plans to expand its scale to employ 10,000 IT professionals by 2025

SA Tech.png


MShyne, Mental Wellness platform, will generate direct earning opportunity for almost every individual who loves to listen and help. Lets say at least 200 million people can earn sustainable employment through MShyne by doing good.

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