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StyleBuddy is developing India's largest fashion platform for fashion stylists, personal stylists, fashion designers and everyone who likes to Look Good, Feel Good. StyleBuddy is creating a community-driven ecosystem that will generate self-employment opportunities for fashion industry professionals. Product offerings include personal styling services, fashion designing, and multi-vendor platform that enables creators to sell their products online.

Style Buddy clients get expert advice from experienced Personal Stylists, Fashion Stylists, Fashion Designers, and Personal Shoppers who will help you decide on that perfect dress for your Date, your friend’s wedding, or the right attire for the upcoming interview.

StyleBuddy customers also get access to latest fashion products designed by talented fashion designers from around the world. Style Buddy will gradually expand its operations to key fashion markets such as UK, Germany, France, Singapore, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Italy, etc.

Everyday we have an opportunity to define who we are going to be, how we will present ourselves to the world, and in turn how the world will react to us. If you wake up every morning trying on a million different outfits before leaving for the day, you are not alone. Perhaps you’re in need of a few new and trendy pieces, or maybe you’re missing those key wardrobe staples that will take your style to the next level. Whatever it is, we are here to help; get in touch to see what we can do for you today.

Key Business Drivers:

  • Affluent customer base shifting to "Assisted Shopping"

  • Fast growing Styling market driven by Media & Advertisement industry growth, growing awareness about looking good

  • Corporate event styling driven by startup culture

  • ~200,000 professional fashion industry graduates joining workforce every year

US$ 210 billion

Market Size

500 million

Workforce in Indian Fashion Industry


Growth CAGR until 2030

The Opportunity

How India’s ascent could change the fashion industry

To build momentum around conventional stores, Indian players are innovating: retailers are leveraging technology to enhance the in-store experience with digital marketing displays and improved checkout. For instance, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle launched the Van Heusen Style Studio, which uses augmented reality to display outfits on customers. Malls have also increased their share of space devoted to food service and entertainment. The growth in the apparel sector is also being driven by increasing tech savviness among consumers

Economic Times Article on Styling Market in India

Hiring a personal shopper for a fashionable makeover is fast catching up among city's high-profile professionals. These shopping consultants play the role of glamour guides for their discreet yet style-conscious clients. What's more, they charge as much as Rs 25,000 a day .


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There are also clients who confuse personal shoppers with stylists and expect attention to detail or alterations within the hour. For the record, a personal shopper is more involved with sourcing, bringing together different combinations, according to your preferences, and spontaneous sales. 

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