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Helping Startup founders go from Idea to MVP

We help you build super affordable working prototypes, web apps, mobile apps & Integrations.

We help you get started with your Idea

Tech Advice

You have a app idea but dont know how to build it or which technology to use?

Web App

We can easily make a code, low code or no code application which gets you users & traction.

Interactive Prototype

We can help you get early customers or interest with a simple prototype which feels like a actual app.


Want to build something innovative but dont know how to integrate or build from scratch?

Mobile App

No point hiring a big team. We take the entire burden of building it asap & let you focus on business.


Confused how to link & make a solution work with multiple integrations? We will show you how to do it.

1. Discovery

We assess your idea or concept, collect the vital information needed.

2. Design

Once the Idea sets in, we design a prototype & see the how it comes about as a concept.

3. Develop

Using low code, no code or coding solutions, we build your MVP in a agile manner.

4. Launch!

Time to get customers, feedback & early revenue.

Our Approach

We are different than any typical IT Agency. 

Our team has been trained to make sure we work with founders in the most simple & productive way. 

We partner with founders beyond technology and help with startup validation, market research and much more...

What we bring to the table


20+ Yrs of team experience in building MVP to high scale applications


We work with complete transparency & honesty with all the stakeholders.


We understand founders cant burn all their money since
day 1, hence we keep costs low


We give time to each founder & never shy away from hands on operational support

Where our team worked before


Let us help you kickstart your startup idea!

Our Team will be in touch with you once you share your basic details here.

Contact Us

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  • Are we a incubator or accelerator?
    No, we are not a incubator or a accelerator program. We simply work with founders to build their mvp and startup.
  • What type of solutions can we build?
    We can build mobile apps, websites, web apps, AI and ML Solutions, no code and low code apps and system integrations.
  • Do we help founders at any stage?
    We mostly work with founders who are at idea, concept or MVP stage. We love to take an idea, fine tune it, provide guidance to the founders & start building the actual MVP.
  • Do we have a industry focus?
    We dont really have a industry focus but we are pros in sports tech, HR Tech, Med Tech, Health Tech, Fitness, Edu Tech, Entertainment, Gen AI
  • Do we work with founders globally?
    We have a focus towards South and South East Asia but are open to working with founders beyond this region.
  • Do we build only MVP or help with funding?
    We help you validate, do market research, analyze the problem statement better, optimize your value prop and give you any other type of guidance before building the MVP. We have helped some startups with fundraising using our network.
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