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Our Mission

We build startups which positively impact & touch the lives of people directly on a global scale.

Our Story

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Nirji ventures is a early stage venture studio designed to build life impacting startups around the world. You can call us a Startup studio as well. Nirji was Founded by a team of experienced corporate professionals who have spent 20+ years in senior leadership positions with multinational corporations around the World. 

The core team consists of top leaders from Singapore, India, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Europe, creating the global impact we love to create in the startup world.

Our goal is to Leverage technology in order to create a better world. A World that values and practices sustainability, equity, diversity, belongingness, and general well-being of humanity. 

We want to achieve these goals by building solutions in affordable, accessible, and scalable technology solutions to solve current and future challenges faced by businesses and individuals.



Early Stage 

Our core focus remains software. We believe in the power of digital & investments made at the right stages, be it pre seed or seed stage. 

We passionately build & work with other startups who are interested in create value in most High growth industries.

We ideally look for Innovation, Scale and great teams who want to build life impacting products.

Meaning of Nirji (निर्जि): 

1) To conquer, defeat
2) To win, acquire by conquest

3) To vanquish in a play

4) To surpass, excel

We use technology, expert advise, research and investment to build solutions that enables businesses and individuals to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of technology. 

With over 30+ years of experience in our management team, 25+ years of experience in technology team and 18+ years of experience in advisory team, we are well equipped to build & launch amazing products. 

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