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Professional Platform for Movie Industry 


ActHub is developing India's largest platform for actors, scriptwriters, casting directors, musicians, acting teachers, acting students, professional actors,  and everyone who likes to showcase their creative talent and seek earning income opportunities.


ActHub is creating a community-driven ecosystem that will generate self-employment opportunities for movie and entertainment industry professionals. 

The Platform brings together Scriptwriters (who write short dialogues), Actors (wannabe actors, amateurs', professional actors), Casting directors who are looking for fresh talent, Acting teachers open to deliver acting courses, and the user community.

​ActHub platform provides monetization opportunities for everyone operating on the platform. The platform has proprietary formula to evaluate acting videos, through about 50 KPIs.

ActHub will create its own space in the fast crowding short video App market in India, with some top names such as Moj and Josh. The differentiation will include focus on talent development, employment creation and access to expert training and mentoring. 

ActHub website and Mobile App will be launched in India in July 2022 will gradually expand its operations to key markets such as UK, USA, France, Singapore, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, SEA, Italy, etc.

Key Business Drivers:

  • Bollywood is the largest movie industry in the World

  • User ratings through KPIs brings professionalism to user created content and provides creative talent to showcase their skills

  • Fast growing short-video market driven by Media & Advertisement industry growth, growing awareness about looking good

  • Increasing Popularity of OTT platforms creating heavy demand for talent

  • ~500,000 young artists joining workforce every year

  • App will support multiple languages

US$ 500 billion

Market Size

650 million

Indians will watch short videos by 2025


Growth CAGR until 2030


India is Fastest-growing short video market in the World

India has more than 50 million users who have created and posted at least one short video, as per Bain & Company.

According to a RedSeer Consulting report, short form content has grown 1.37 times in terms of monthly active users (MAUs) and 1.1 times in terms of daily active users (DAUs) in India, with Indian platforms capturing a huge chunk of the market.

According to a report by global consultancy Bain & Company, there are about 640 million Internet users and 550 million smartphone users spending approximately 1.3 trillion hours online in India.


India’s online video user base has scaled to more than 350 million people, growing 24% from 2018 to 2020, nearly twice as fast as markets such as China and Indonesia. Usage per active user has also grown dramatically—the daily time spent per active user on online videos has simultaneously grown by 60% to 70% over 2018 to 2020,


Business Insider

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