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Business Analyst blockchain and NFT

Our business analysts are the drivers behind our continued growth and success. With our commitment to innovation, it’s our business analysts who seek out, develop, and help implement strategic initiatives for improved efficiency and productivity. We’re currently searching for an experienced business analyst to help guide our organization into the future. From researching progressive systems solutions to evaluating their impact, our ideal candidate is a detailed planner, expert communicator, and top-notch analyst. They should be wholly committed to the discovery and development of innovative solutions in an ever-changing digital landscape.


Anywhere in the World



What You’ll Do

  • You will work on business-critical initiatives, help remove roadblocks, surface timely updates and directly facilitate decision-making at the senior leadership level. You will directly impact the growth and scale of our organization

  • Driving internal technology implementation and adoption projects

  • Generating action through well-placed, high-quality content for the senior leadership

  • Perform Excellent market research and analysis experience about the competitors and same domain latest research and work/implementation. Understand the key features and prepare a unique feature list.

  • Coordinating with copywriters, executives, and experts to ensure business goals are defined and met.

  • Communicate with senior people in organizations to find out what they hope to achieve

  • Create and implement precise management plans for every project, with attention to transparent communication at all levels

  • Perform, evaluate, and communicate thorough quality assurance at every stage of systems development

  • Determine and develop user requirements for systems in production, to ensure maximum usability

Who You are

  • 3+ years of experience leading cross-functional initiatives or complex projects.

  • Strong understanding of the metaverse and NFT space and a deep belief in our mission to make investing in NFT and the metaverse simple for anyone.

  • Ability to Research and gather information of NFT, Web3 and GameFi projects, review and deliver insights on on NFT/GameFi projects

  • Very good at giving bad news, fast!

  • Very good communicator

  • Loves speed

  • Curious, Creative, Problem-Solver

  • Works with people to get things done!

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