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Invest in NIRJI

The frontier to Investing in Asia.
Offering a better model for investing and returns!
Startup building & funding needs to change!

Venture Capital, Technology providers and company builders provide a key platform for startup building.

Yet as tech, people and other resources grow, too many founders and startups miss out on shaping the future of their economy by building successful companies. 

Funding is very hard to come by or too many founders are stuck at over-engineering their product. 

Additionally, partners & other stakeholders invest in the wrong areas without much meaning & impact on people & economy. 

NIRJI Ventures aims to solve such problems by incubating highly scalable software companies which are focused towards specific industries impacting human lives at great scale, Help other founders build MVPs which have a clear product market fit & growth scale and finally, Invest in startups that want to grow & take things to the next level. All this with a great passion & focus for countries such as India, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the entire South-East Asia.

Superpowers of NIRJI Venture studio!
  • Leverage our global network to ideate, test and launch businesses all over the world, leveraging their existing networks, relationships, and localized business knowledge.

  • Attract world-class talent by giving contributors financial upside in our portfolio companies — not just the company they help get off the ground.

  • Attract and find mouth watering startup funding deals. We already have 50+ 

  • Help founders go from Idea to MVP in 4-5 weeks time and a few months to reach product market fit

  • Combine technology, marketing and business components to seriously super boost startups. 


NIRJI Venture Studio extends a distinct proposition to potential investors. With a singular investment, your position as a shareholder guarantees financial gains from the entirety of our innovative ventures.

No additional deliberations on your part. No extra capital commitments required. Your privileges persist as long as you retain your shareholder status.

When our companies achieves a milestone such as an exit event, its ensemble, the Studio, and our investing partners all partake in the revenue distribution. This distribution occurs promptly upon the exit event, without the 5-10 year wait. As our portfolio of companies grows, so do the instances of prosperous exits, directly influencing your investment returns.

You are in Great hands!

NIRJI Venture studio is all about its mean team that gets shit done. Our Executives and team members have worked with companies such as Manpower Group, Prompter & Gamble, Huawei, Infosys, Tata, Genpact, Applied Materials, Google, Microsoft, Stanford, Loan Adda, CPE Private Equity, Real Madrid Football Club. 

One of our key advisors has graduated from Stanford GSB & has led multi-million dollar deals at every level at global scale. 

We even have one of the key founding members as part of the team who has been listed under Forbes magazine. 

Lets connect and discuss more about investing in Asia and beyond!

Reach to to discuss further details. 

We entertain only serious and accredited investors.

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