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Coaching and Mentoring Platform

Coach Buddy makes it easy to have one-on-one conversations with experienced counsellors, mentors and coaches who genuinely want to help.

Coach Buddy is developing India's largest platform for mentors, life coaches, career coaches, wellness coaches and everyone who likes to genuinely help. Coach Buddy is creating a community-driven ecosystem that will generate self-employment opportunities for coaching and mentoring industry professionals. Product offerings include online coaching, counselling and mentoring sessions for groups and individuals. 

As the name suggests, Coach Buddy is here to make coaching a relaxed, enjoyable and productive experience. All our Coaches are carefully selected through a robust verification process. All coaching sessions are LIVE and interactive video consultations. No offline reading or long, boring videos. Coach Buddy will launch in India in August 2022 and gradually expand to rest of Asia in 2023 and expand to other global markets in 2024.

Key Business Drivers:

  • Fast changing world of work 

  • Coaching and mentoring gaining acceptance with employees

  • The Great Realization amongst workers globally on the need for work-life balance and career choices

  • Technology advancement has enabled online access to talent and support when needed

US$ 10 billion

Organized Market Size

1000 million

Workers needing help


Growth CAGR until 2030


Fast growing global mentoring software market

The Global Mentoring Software Market size was estimated at USD 449.81 million in 2021 and expected to reach USD 537.35 million in 2022, at a CAGR 19.63% to reach USD 1,319.12 million by 2027.

Mentoring Statistics

Mentees are promoted 5 times more often than those without mentors (Source) And mentors themselves are 6 times more likely to be promoted (Source) 89% of those with mentors believe their colleagues value their work, compared with 75% who do not have mentors


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