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We build and help companies to shape a better future

A venture studio Incubating and growing software companies.

About Us

Nirji is a Sanskrit word, which means to Conquer, Progress & Excel. 
At Nirji Ventures, we are driven by a singular mission: to catalyze and nurture the growth of groundbreaking ideas that hold the power to transform industries and communities across this dynamic region. With a deep-rooted understanding of Southeast Asia's rich cultural tapestry and its unique business landscape, we are dedicated to empowering visionary entrepreneurs and startups.

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Hyper-active Venture Studio


Using our Industry and leadership experience, we incubate and build startup internally.


Helping founders & companies build super affordable MVPs & solutions.


We incubate our own ideas within the studio using our expertise & network to build life impacting tech startups every year and
we are just getting started...

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We assess your idea or concept, collect the vital information needed.


Once the Idea sets in, we design a prototype & see the how it comes about as a concept.


Using low code, no code or coding solutions, we build your MVP in a agile manner.


Time to get customers, feedback & early revenue.


We help Idea, Concept & Pre-MVP stage Founders code their product idea, provide startup support & PMF Optimization. 

Build your MVP in less than 45 days!

Coming soon!
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Stellar Team

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Siddharth Pandit
Founder | CMO
Priya Rajesh
Sashank Mudumba
Head of AI
Vijay P

Global Advisory Board

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Singapore | India | Philippines | UK | USA | Thailand | Malaysia

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