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We build and help companies to shape a better future

A venture studio Incubating and growing software companies.

About Us

Nirji is a Sanskrit word, which means to Conquer, Progress & Excel. 
At Nirji Ventures, we are driven by a singular mission: to catalyze and nurture the growth of groundbreaking ideas that hold the power to transform industries and communities across this dynamic region. With a deep-rooted understanding of Southeast Asia's rich cultural tapestry and its unique business landscape, we are dedicated to empowering visionary entrepreneurs and startups.

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Hyper-active Venture Studio


Using our Industry and leadership experience, we incubate and build startup internally.


Helping founders & companies build super affordable MVPs & solutions.

Coming soon!

Providing digital marketing and technology based support to startups and businesses. 


We incubate our own ideas within the studio using our expertise & network to build life impacting tech startups every year and
we are just getting started...

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We assess your idea or concept, collect the vital information needed.


Once the Idea sets in, we design a prototype & see the how it comes about as a concept.


Using low code, no code or coding solutions, we build your MVP in a agile manner.


Time to get customers, feedback & early revenue.


We help Idea, Concept & Pre-MVP stage Founders code their product idea, provide startup support & PMF Optimization. 

Build your MVP in less than 45 days!

Coming soon!

We help startups and SMBs to get more customers and revenue using our expertise in digital, social and lead generation.

Generate more users for your platform

Get more paid customers

Focused Linkedin Marketing

Create more noise about your brand

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Stellar Team

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Siddharth Pandit
Founder | CMO
Aditya Deepak
Priya Rajesh
Sashank Mudumba
Head of AI
Vijay P

Global Advisory Board

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Singapore | India | Philippines | UK | USA | Thailand | Malaysia

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