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Applications Upgrade to Oracle

Upgraded client tech landscape from legacy applications and database migration

Our client was facing a challenge of managing data volumes while retaining performance as the business went through tremendous growth. The existing design had served well for years but limited scalability options & with legacy systems was nearing the end of the use life. This upgrade was crucial for our client to sync the technology ecosystem with their business growth and hence they had to find a way to leverage the performance of their systems.

Besides offering a time-bound solution to seamlessly upgrade to 11i; we provided strategic consultancy aimed at helping our client upgrade their existing legacy systems and defined business requirements that built system design, performance strategy, including data growth management, stress test planning, result analysis, and implementing recommendation. This helped them to manage their existing system and build strategy to overcome defects by frequent testing of database. We Identified opportunities to help rebuild efficient database infrastructure, Effective and faster running of applications, and Built Process efficiencies through seamless transition to 11i

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