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Education for Everyone

Through our connected brands, we create affordable, accessible and sustainable education and learning opportunities for millions of students and workers

Spring Fashion


ActHub will provide direct access to thousands of acting teachers and skill development courses for over 100 million students in movie, media, art and entertainment industry in India and Asia


Style Buddy

Style Buddy will support on-the-job learning  opportunities for over 50 million people in India and over 100 million people globally 

Style Buddy.jpg

Talent Store

Talent Store manufactures talent in high-tech segments such as blockchain, web3, gamification, and semi-conductors

Talent Store.jpg

SA Technologies

SA Tech will hire, train and employ 10,000 IT professionals by 2025

SA Tech.png

Coach Buddy

Coach Buddy, online-coaching platform will provide career coaching and soft-skills learning opportunity for over 10 million students and working professionals globally

Coach Buddy.png
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