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Introducing 7World Vcommerce

7World is a futuristic Vcommerce Metaverse platform that enables you to manage and grow your business in Metaverse virtual world with a real-life selling and buying experience. Get ready for an immersive, never seen before digital experience!


Set up your shop in Metaverse

We help you set up your virtual shop in 7World Metaverse, completely FREE of cost. Display your products in 3D, 4D and Augmented Reality to provide a real-life experience to your customers.



Engage with customers in the new world

By 2025, about 4 billion people globally will spend at least 2 hours per day in the rapidly emerging virtual world called the Metaverse. 90% of existing transactions on internet will move to this new virtual world. Businesses are quickly setting up their shops in this new world because that's where the customers are.



Sell more, in a real-life way

Deploy Avatars to engage real-time with your customers as they walk in to your stores. Display your products with AR/VR, connect with your customers. 


Reduce your sales costs

Set your own product pricing. Set up your virtual shop completely FREE. Get direct access to millions of customers. Own and engage with your customers.


Build your virtual shop free 

11,869 bookings received 

We are inviting pre-launch bookings from businesses willing to set up their virtual shops in 7World Metaverse, completely FREE of cost. Just submit your interest by filling the form below. 

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